Sponsor A Volunteer

We Need You!

Red Frog Schoolies/Leavers volunteers are dedicated individuals who give up their personal time to look after young people during ‘Schoolies/Leavers’. Many actually take annual leave from work and there are costs associated with their volunteering.  

Why does it costs money?

At many Schoolies/Leavers there are fixed costs such as accommodation, food, flights etc. which are all incurred for each volunteer. The cost for an indivdual to be a volunteer ranges from $60- $800. 

Are donations tax deductible

Payments made through the Everyday hero platform are not tax deductible. If you would like to make a tax deductible donation to Red Frogs you can do so here.

How can you be involved?

You can play a part by helping put a volunteer on the ground at Schoolies/Leavers week. Simply ‘find’ a worker in the search bar to the right, or you can contribute/donate money directly to a “Red Frog Response” location.

Use the search button below to find a volunteer to sponsor